As leaders, we too often focus on external things like vision-casting, strategic planning, busy work, and countless meetings—all at the neglect of our own souls. With lives marked by hurry and distraction, we need courageous leaders who are willing to take time to care for their souls—and the souls of others. 

Paul Siaki is a missionary and church planter in Johannesburg, South Africa. He says, “We cannot do this alone. I hit burnout myself after being active in planting three churches, and I could have used the truth and guidance of Healthy Rhythms Institute years ago. Melding spirituality with current contemporary lifestyles, HRI seeks to safeguard, protect and nurture Christian leaders using an in-depth “how-to” of doing a contemplative, reflective approach.”  

We want to invite you as a leader on a journey to slow down and care for your soul by cultivating healthy rhythms, which are essentially holy habits that root us in the life of God. Healthy rhythms provide a pathway through which the grace of God transforms us from the inside out and makes us increasingly like Jesus.

We founded Healthy Rhythms Institute to help Christian leaders care for their souls in today’s chaotic and uncertain world. We are committed to helping all types of leaders—healthcare workers, business owners, pastors, community leaders, or church planters—go deeper in their faith and walk with Christ. 


·      We offer coaching & spiritual direction 

·      We offer courses that promote spiritual formation and leadership resilience

Our Story  

Healthy Rhythms Institute was founded by two friends, Dr Mark Dunwoody, an Irishman and Dr Winfield Bevins, an American with a burden to help leaders thrive in today’s challenging world by promoting healthy rhythms. Since founding Healthy Rhythms Institute, we have helped leaders in more than twenty nations and six continents, including Asia, Africa, Australia,  Europe, South America, and North America.  

Whether you are in the marketplace, mission field, or the church, we want to help you thrive as a leader!


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