Helping Leaders Thrive

We are living in challenging and uncertain times where one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today is burn out. More than ever, leaders need support and encouragement to help them learn to navigate the world we are in. Leadership is harder than ever, so don’t do it alone. Healthy Rhythms Coaching is here to help you thrive as a leader through a unique approach to coaching and coach training that promotes spiritual formation and leadership resilience.

Whether you are a person who needs to be coached or you want to become a certified coach, we can help.

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This is a deeply spiritual and timely resource that will help leaders thrive.
Alan Hirsch
A wonderfully accessible and very timely resource for those interested in growing and helping others grow in ministry.
Kimberly D. Reisman World Methodist Evangelism
A vital and much-needed resource for effectiveness, longevity and health.
Ric Thorpe Bishop of Islington
A valuable resource for anyone who coaches missional leaders today.
Len Tang Fuller Church Planting Initiative
HRI provides a holistic, well-grounded approach to the transformation and renewing of our minds.
So-Young Kang CEO & Founder, Gnowbe, Singapore
HRI integrates a vision for the Christian life - of both worship and mission, advance and retreat, working and waiting.
Revd Manik Corea NAMS, South-East Asia
HRI ties together effective and healthy leadership practices with practical theology and biblical teaching.
Dr. Ricardo Gómez Impact Latin America
Come, sit, listen, and relax! Your new journey is about to start!
Dr. Eliseo A. Mejia National Director of Expresiones Divinas

Our Coaches

Dr. Winfield Bevins

Dr. Winfield Bevins is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and co-founder of Healthy Rhythms Coaching. He also serves as director of the center for church multiplication at Asbury Seminary. He has trained and coached leaders from around the world and frequently speaks at conferences, churches, and schools on a variety of topics. He is the author of numerous books, including Ever Ancient Ever New and Marks of a Movement.

Dr. Mark Dunwoody

Dr. Mark Dunwoody has more than three decades of international experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to non-profits and faith communities. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Mark has lived in five countries and is well known, internationally, in the missional conversation as a writer, trainer, speaker, strategist and coach.

Rev. Dr. Eliseo A. Mejia

Rev. Dr. Eliseo A. Mejia is a missiologist, church-planting leader, coach, pastor, and mentor. He has been planting churches the last 30 years in different cultures, contexts, and countries. He is the National Director of Expresiones Divinas for Fresh Expressions U.S. As a coach and church planter leader, he guides a wide variety of architects in different national settings and countries through all phases of the innovative progression of endeavors from start to completion.

Valarie Grimes

Valarie Grimes is a coach, pastor, international speaker and Kingdom builder. Her passion is inspiring believers to reach their God-given potential in order to change the world. She traveled to Ganta City, Liberia and Delhi, China as a speaker and missionary. Valarie is also a registered nurse. Her most important roles, however, are the ones she holds in her family as a wife, mother, sister, and grandmother.

William Chaney

William has served in full-time ministry for 25 years as a church planter, pastor, and coach. William has planted two churches and has been coaching and training leaders in churches, business and nonprofit organizations since 2005. He is a Clifton Strengths Certified Coach. DISC facilitator, and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach.

Dr. Iosmar Alvarez

Dr. Iosmar Alvarez emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba and has served as the senior pastor of Fuente de Avivamiento in Lexington, Ky., founder of Disciple 21 Church Planting Network, and is now the District Superintendent in Lexington, Ky. He is a certified coach and recently earned his doctorate at Asbury Seminary.

Kristen Yates

Kristen has served as a pastor since 2005, working with youth, young adults, international students and families, and young career pastors; and helping plant several churches around the country since 2011. Kristen is a trained spiritual director and mediator with a particular heart for the formation and care of ministry leaders. Her work involves creating resources and spaces that help others find deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Dr. Brian Russell

Dr. Brian Russell lives in Orlando, Florida. He is a professor of biblical studies, author and coach for pastors and non-profit leaders. He specializes in deep formational coaching to help spiritual leaders flourish and thrive in their kingdom work for the long haul.

Dr. Jay Moon

Dr. Jay Moon is a professor of evangelism & church planting and author of several books, including Entrepreneurial Church Planting: Innovative Approaches to Engage the Marketplace. His coaching experience focuses on helping people integrate their faith and work in the marketplace and healthy approaches to prevent burnout.